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Hand-arm vibration tags (HAVS tags) are a core element of an HAV management system. Attaching them to hand power tools is an easy way to share your important safety information with people operating the tools. With a simple colour code system (green, orange, red), these tags can quickly convey the severity of vibrations from tools. Each HAV tag also includes the necessary space to note vibration exposure details.


Alongside an HAV management system, HAVS tags help your organisation take another step towards compliance with the Control of Vibration at Work Regulations 2005. Protect workers and maintain an effective hand-arm vibration management process with our durable range of HAVS tags.


All of our tags are made to the highest standard. Our quality tags are tear-resistant, durable and weather resistant. Plus, they are all available at incredible prices, making it even easier to share important HAV information at the point of use.

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