Safety is paramount when it comes to scaffolding. Various safety procedures and inspections are required when scaffolding is involved. A scaffolding tag is a piece of signage placed on erect scaffolding. They’re used to indicate whether it is compliant with Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) regulations.


Scaffolding tags are used primarily to show workers when scaffolding is and isn’t safe to use. It’s best to place them at any access point to avoid confusion over safety and eliminate any risk and health and safety violations. Scaffolding can be the source of multiple hazards in the workplace so, by tagging equipment, workers are given peace of mind that their equipment is safe to use and conforms with regulations.


Our scaffolding safety tags allow you to record information around the last inspection, including the date and any modifications made. This helps you keep on top of inspections and remain safe and compliant at all times.