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Caution and clear direction are paramount for safe scaffolding. Working at height introduces new risks that you must manage carefully. No matter how experienced your team is, you need inspection protocols in place. Scaffolding tags are vital safety measures that ultimately reduce hazards.


Scaffolding inspection tag systems host coloured labels showing the dangers of erected equipment. At TagTec, we’ve got options to suit your needs. Our tags are ideal for special use scaffolding, general-purpose, and much more. Our labels manage the unique risks of different scaffolding structures. They enforce compliance with Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) regulations. Scaffolding tags are not just required to uphold good practices and protect staff. Our scaffolding tags also follow necessary legislative safety requirements.


Scaffolding tags are mainly used to indicate when scaffolding is or isn’t safe. It’s best to place them at any easily visible access point to avoid confusion over safety. If staff obey commands, you’ll eliminate any risk and reduce health and safety violations. Remember, scaffolding can be the source of multiple hazards in the workplace. By tagging your equipment, managers and workers have peace of mind that the equipment is safe. Also, workers will know that all regulations have been abided by.


Our scaffolding safety tags allow you to record information around the last inspection. Vital information like dates and modifications is available to workers through these tags. Documentation helps you keep on top of checks and remain compliant. Browse our range of scaffold inspection tags. Put worker safety at the front of your priorities and enquire with us today.

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