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Bespoke Visual Tagging Systems

Tagtec are the UK's leading manufacturer of bespoke tags for almost any application, for use in all environments.

As Custom Tag Specialists, we’ve produced millions of Custom Tags, Safety Inspection Tags, Durable Tags, Ladder Tags & Bespoke Tags, for many applications, across different countries, in a variety of different languages.

Our specialist manufacturing facilities, vast industry experience and attention to design detail, mean that our clients get their customised Safety Inspection Tags, specifically for their needs - Ultimatley saving lives.

Just take a look at our simple 6 step process....


Step 1

Email or call our friendly staff to dicsuss your specific needs.


Step 4

Our Estimating team will supply you with a quote for your bespoke visual tagging system.


Step 2

Request FREE samples if required.


Step 5

Supply rough sketch and/or text & logos, and allow our experienced designers to do the rest!


Step 3

Select colour scheme, size of tag, and quantity required.


Step 6

Your tags go into production, with the best lead times in the industry!

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