Scaffolding ties are lifesaving. The purpose of the tie is to restrain scaffolding standards vertically. While they’re rarely celebrated, ties carry the weight of the entire structure, boards, personnel and materials without buckling. They’re resistant to high and low temperatures to support scaffolding in any weather, making their role critical. When cable ties aren’t working to their total capacity, severe injury to staff and the general public can occur. Scaffolding ties must be regularly checked and labelled to remain legally compliant and prevent avoidable damage.


Tie tags are designed to highlight the presence of ties, and stress passersby shouldn’t remove them. A structural tie tag records the specific information relevant to all scaffold ties. They can include test and inspection date, tested load and a unique reference number clear to each label. According to the risk assessment, this reference number is recorded and filed for ongoing asset management as required. Unique reference numbers ensure your inspection and asset maintenance covers every spot of scaffolding without missing a spot.


Scaffolding tie tags help you comply with legislative requirements of inspecting and maintaining equipment and good practice. Indicative labels like colour coded flags ensure employees can recognise if scaffolding is not safe to use. We also supply tags that remind employees of ties and advise they’re never removed without warning or consulting a higher power.