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Ladder inspection tags are vital to ensure compliance and safety on your site. Safety tags will help your business abide by the Work at Height Regulations 2005. Ladder safety inspection tags are helpful to show when equipment is safe to use. However, they are also useful to display whether there’s a hazard to be aware of. Each tie comes in a bright yellow colour scheme designed to be difficult to miss. There’s also space on every label for you to record the date equipment checks were completed. Working at height poses a much more significant risk than working on ground level. As such, working from ladders has stricter requirements than operating at ground level.


Safety tags act as inspection records, proving you’ve taken due care in protecting your staff. Labels help to ensure your equipment is checked daily, routinely serviced, and compliant. Our products include ladder tag holders you can attach directly to your equipment. They also have inserts to fill in after repairs and maintenance work. This means that you need only replace the insert rather than remove the tag holder after checks. Our tags will save you time, money and effort.


Ladder tags provide identification, maintenance, and safety information that is readily available. Our labels also help you to remain compliant with the Working At Height Regulations, 2002. It is vital that ladders are checked regularly as part of your risk assessment program. Our tags allow you to identify faults and damage, and make your team aware of them. They also allow you to show that you've checked for new risks every time equipment is in use. Browse our range of ladder inspection tags. Put worker safety at the front of your priority list and enquire today.

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