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Blank industrial tags are an excellent, straightforward method of ensuring machine maintenance and inspections are completed. You must record and conduct routine checks on dangerous equipment no matter your industry. Once machinery tests are completed or due, a tag should indicate the date works occur. Manufacturers, warehouses and construction sites alike will rely on these labels to ensure functional electrical equipment to complete their roles.


Equipment tags are vital for identifying and tracking health and safety hazards after risk assessments. Labels ensure all heavy-duty equipment is regularly checked and in complete working order. Signage also provides employees peace of mind that their equipment is safe. A universal tagging system is essential for employee safety and protection. It is also crucial for preventing regulation failures. General equipment tags are not industry-specific, so they work for all forms of asset management. You can benefit from our labels in any locations that require testing or inspections.


Our blank industrial tags have space to record an inspection or test due date and a section to summarise the assessment briefly. These tag labels are fantastic for informing employees that equipment is safe. You can also incorporate them into your business’ identification process by giving each piece a reference number. Reference numbers also ensure your tags are tamper evident since your unique code can’t be replicated. You can safely track stock and recognise when they need testing again.


Explore the range and find high-quality blank identification and asset tags for any need.

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