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Unexpected Industries That Use Safety Tagging

At TagTec, we are the experts in all things safety tagging and signage. We design and manufacture bespoke tags for all industries and offer a range of stock tags ready to hang.

If you’re in the construction, mechanical or electrical industry, you will probably already know about safety tagging. But, did you know there are several industries you might not have realised used safety tagging?

We have pulled together some unexpected industries that use safety tagging and why.

What is Safety Tagging?

Before we dive into the different industries you wouldn’t have expected to use safety tagging, let’s define what it is for those unaware. Consider this a clue to help you identify more industries you didn’t realise used them.

Safety tagging is a device used to display a hazardous condition or warning, usually made out of card, pasteboard, or plastic. They are used to prevent accidents or injuries. Common to identify safety tagging you may have spotted previously are signs for hard hat zones, fire extinguishers, and PAT-tested equipment. But did you know that some of the labels or posts you see daily are considered safety tagging?

4 Industries You Didn’t Realise Used Safety Tags & Why

Whether you’re just curiously interested or want to make sure you do not forget valuable safety tagging in your business, here are four industries you didn’t realise used safety tagging.

1. Supermarkets

There are several ways safety tagging is utilised in supermarkets and other retail spaces; you will see them every time you visit and not realise what they are.

Supermarkets' most obvious and unavoidable safety signs include wet floor signs, placed strategically to stop the public from slipping accidentally. Not forgetting their bright yellow design to be unmistakable.

However, did you know that food labels are also considered safety tagging?

Warnings against allergens and ingredients in foods are clearly labelled on food packaging. This is safety tagging as it warns against injury from allergic reactions and other adverse effects of consumption.

2. Medical

Similar to the supermarket and food industry, the medical sector requires many different safety tags and signs. This might not be surprising as the medical sector is filled with the tightest security measures in place for health and safety, from signs for PPE and sanitising stations to signage for medical equipment and biohazard warnings.

But did you realise that medical safety tagging needs to be durable and strong enough to withstand wear and tear and corrosion? This includes being strong enough to resist the various solvents and cleaning chemicals commonly found on medical sites.

3. Offices

When it comes to workplaces, offices may seem like one of the safest professions, but they still need to be exposed to the need for safety tagging. The most eye-catching safety signs in an office setting are fire exit signs, but this also includes warning labels for communal kitchens where there may be shared appliances and even boiling water taps.

You might be surprised to learn that PAT testing labels are also a part of effective safety tagging in an office building. Those small green labels are critical for displaying essential information on the safety of electrical appliances on-site.

4. Schools & Education Centers

When it comes to schools and education centres, there are often a lot of rules in place to safeguard pupils and students. However, sometimes these are woven into the lyrics of children’s songs and posters created by the pupils to blend in with the decor.

But some essential safety signs and labels must be traditionally manufactured to ensure there is communication in signage and that they are bold and eye-catching. You will most likely find safety tagging for fire extinguishers and safety doors on school grounds. But even signs prohibiting dogs from school grounds also constitute safety tagging.

Update Your Safety Tagging

If you were unsure if your workplace or site had sufficient safety tagging, we hope our guide has opened your eyes to any missed areas. Clearly, even some of the most mundane sites need essential safety tagging and signage in place to keep everyone safe.

Update the safety tags in your building with a selection of stock tags available from TagTec, and explore everything from fire and emergency tags to general equipment options on offer.

For more specialist safety tagging requirements, you can also explore our options for bespoke tags that allow you to include the essential information for your safety signs and labels. Contact us today for further advice and information.

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