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Safety starts with the correct signage, and TagTec puts individuals' safety at the forefront of their business.


Maintaining good safety standards in the workplace is the employer’s responsibility, and accident prevention is vital. When you consider your overall safety and risk prevention methods, communication should be at the forefront of your mind. Safety tags might look small, but they have a significant impact on the safety of your business and employees. They are designed to record the maintenance works on a piece of equipment. They highlight whether a piece of equipment is safe to be used or not and when it was last checked. They are helpful in several industries to remain compliant with health and safety.  


We specialise in designing and manufacturing Safety Tags and Signage for several interests. We offer scaffolding, ladder, tie and equipment tags that will help you keep on top of maintenance and ensure they’re working to the best of their ability. Our entry tags also work well as a deterrent to stop unauthorised personnel from entering confined spaces and causing injury.

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