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How To Choose The Right Tags For Your Industry

When you look at your overall safety protocol and preventive measures, does effective communication come to your mind? Communication is a vital component in the grand scheme of workplace safety, especially when the workplace plays host to heavy machinery, scaffolds and many other hazardous elements.

When looking into the most effective methods of preventing accidents and injuries in this type of industry, arguably the most overlooked method is the use of Safety Tags. If you think of safety tags and your first thought is of scaffolding or machinery tags, you’re heading in the right direction with your thinking!

If you’re worried about which tags are appropriate to use within your particular industry, don't worry! This post will discuss the different industries in which our tags can be used and give you valuable insight into the safety tags you should use.

Ladder & Scaffolding Tags

Working in industries that demand high usage of ladders or scaffolds, injuries from falls occur, and all safety precautions need to be taken to prevent this from being the case.

Improperly constructed or maintained scaffolding or ladders are potential death traps and (probably not surprisingly) account for major inspection violations across most industries.

Safety tags are a significant part of tackling this problem. They remove the need for in-person communication and ensure all relevant information is presented to any workers using these ladders or scaffolds at a moment's notice.

Tags allow workers to know which ladders and scaffolds have been adequately inspected and are safe to use. They also (and equally as importantly) inform workers when such equipment is not yet safe for use. Using tags could save workers from potential injury or even save the site from hefty fines distributed by OSHA.

Inspection Tags

Similarly to scaffolding and ladder regulations, general heavy equipment that has the potential to cause injury must be regularly maintained and inspected to ensure all equipment is kept to a safe standard.

Inspection tags can be used in all industries requiring inspections. No matter the industry you’re operating in, these tags are a must if you have heavy equipment. Inspection of the working equipment is vital for the safety of workers and is a legal requirement.

Regular equipment inspections can reduce the chances of equipment failure and worker injury – and help ensure your equipment will be ready for use when needed. But, you need to keep track of your inspections so you know when they are done and what the results are for each one.

Some items, such as portable fire extinguishers, are required by law to have a yearly maintenance inspection. Other heavy use pieces of equipment, such as forklifts and other heavy machinery, need daily inspections to be operated. Inspection tags are a fantastic way to keep track of inspections, who carried them out, and when.

Machine Tags

In many industries, machines are an integral part of the workplace and can revolutionise the working environment. As machines become an ever-increasing part of the workplace, inspections become a regular practice.

Machines used in construction, distribution and other industries take excessive wear and tear and, as a result, need to be properly maintained. Machine tags offer a great method of notifying workers that checks have been carried out on machinery and which machines have passed their respective checks.

It also highlights any faulty machinery promptly and allows workers to be constantly notified of the current state of a machine without asking a site manager. This is a fantastic time-saver as all needed information is available at hand.

Fire Safety Tags

Fire safety is a topic that can affect almost every working industry and should be handled with the utmost importance. Complete fire safety compliance is critical and, in some circumstances, can be the difference between life and death. Fire equipment must be regularly inspected and well maintained by law. Fire safety equipment is used as a building or site (depending on the industry) for passive fire protection efforts. Failure to comply with regulations puts your business at risk of fines and risks the lives of employees and visitors.

Fire Safety Tags are a critical part of the identification programme to ensure their safety equipment is regularly checked and easily identifiable should an issue arise. The presence of a fire emergency equipment tag will reassure visitors and employees that the equipment is regularly checked and working to the best of its ability.

All industries can use our tags. They will be relevant with all standard fire safety equipment utilised in the modern workplace.

Small Tags Can Make a Big Difference

Safety tags may be small, but they can make a hugely significant difference to the state of your business, no matter the industry. Safety tags can be relevant to a wide variety of industries, more specifically depending on the individual equipment and requirements that the business has to carry out its tasks effectively.

Effective tagging can revolutionise your business safety protocols, allowing you to communicate valuable information to workers without the risk of not reaching them in time. Tags effectively simplify the safety procedures required by law and make the process easier, acting as a mobile filing system of important safety information.

Get in touch

We have a vast range of suitable tags for various scenarios. If you have any questions regarding our range of tags and want to know more about what would be best for you, please don’t hesitate to contact our fantastic team. We are always on hand and happy to help you in any way!

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