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Everything You Need To Know About Tagging Fire Safety Equipment

Regarding fire safety, keeping on top of the equipment in your commercial property is vital. Knowing which equipment is in working order and which needs repairs could be life-saving if a fire breaks out. The best way to keep all of your staff aware of the current state of fire safety equipment is through tagging.

Tagging your fire safety equipment keeps you and your staff aware of any repairs needed and which equipment to reach for in the event of a fire. By tagging equipment, you also set a high standard of how safety needs to be addressed in the workplace, leaving by example to create a safe culture within your workplace.

In this article, you will learn how to tag your fire safety equipment and pass this information on to your staff members to instil this practice as a mainstay in your workplace.

Why tag fire safety equipment?

When tagging different pieces of fire safety equipment, it is crucial to know what should be tagged. It is also crucial to understand the information that needs to be displayed when tagging your fire safety equipment. Having the correct display information can keep you, and your staff notified of any inspections or potential repair work that needs to occur.

This is so important to keep fire safety equipment tagged because, in the event of a fire breaking out, workers know exactly what is and potentially isn't working. With this knowledge, you and your workers are potentially able to save vital time in escaping the building.

What information to include

Certain pieces of information should be displayed on the tags of fire safety equipment at all times, including:

● Date of the last inspection.

● Date of next scheduled inspection.

● Pass/Fail of the last inspection.

● Any work that needs doing (if any).

● Equipment reference number

By placing this information on your fire safety equipment tags, you assure that all staff members know which equipment is fit for the purpose and which equipment is due to have any necessary repair/replacement work done.

How often should you change tags?

Monthly visual checks of all equipment should be noted on your fire safety equipment tags. This ensures these checks are completed, and the inspectors can be held accountable for all checks. As well as this, tags need to be replaced at the point that each annual inspection is completed. This keeps the tags easy to read, relevant and up-to-date with the latest thorough inspection of individual pieces of equipment.

Fire safety equipment is some of the most important in the office, so having your tags up-to-date, easy to read and on full display in an easily identifiable area of the equipment could help save lives and buy valuable time in the event of a workplace fire.

Passing information onto staff

Having fire safety equipment tags is important, but they will not serve any purpose if your staff do not read and understand the information. Showing this information to your staff in a simple, concise manner that they fully understand could potentially make the difference in the event of a fire breaking out.

Although properly displaying information on tags is essential, some things can be done to ensure your staff can fully understand the information provided.

● Proper Fire Safety Tag Training

To help gain a deeper understanding of the information provided, training for staff around the fire safety equipment tags can be an excellent tool. This not only helps workers understand what is written on fire safety equipment tags but also to be able to read and understand this at a moment's notice.

The best way to create a fire-safe culture within the workplace is to have small training sessions and refreshers with your designated "responsible person" to keep everyone updated with these tags, how they are used and how they should be read.

● Placing guide sheets on walls

Another way to pass this information onto your staff is to place informative fire safety & inspection cheat sheets around the office in easy-to-read areas. This method ensures that all information on how to read a fire safety equipment tag is available to every staff member at any given moment throughout the day.

Information is made readily available by placing physical guides on walls and tables throughout the workplace. Anyone needing a closer look at a tag and how the information is displayed can easily find the information they need.

How can we help you?

Our ready-made tags provide an easy-to-understand product that helps countless companies around the nation keep their staff as safe as possible. Our tags give employees the peace of mind that their company cares about them and their safety.

If you'd like to hear more about our fire safety equipment tags or have more questions about other tags that could help you, get in touch! Our fantastic team is happy to answer any questions you may have. Take your first step towards a safer and happier workplace today with TagTec.

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